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As stated in our Service Agreement, this Final Review and Payment Release form must be submitted to validate our request for payment of completed services. We have not collected any payment whatsoever up to this point and depend on satisfied customers, like you, to keep our business operational and being able to help more customers.

In the case of your absence or your inability to submit your statement within 5 business days from when this document was provided, our services will automatically be considered complete and an invoice/request for payment will be sent. If payment is not completed within 10 business days from the date of when this Final Review and Payment Release form is provided, additional action will be taken as stated in our Service Agreement Section 5, Payment Terms.

This release statement is made and effective this

Payment can be made online via options provided on our website at, but a check can also be written and mailed to:


BTX Financial
222 North Expressway Ste 180
Brownsville, TX 78521

Phone: 9562913451



I acknowledge and attest that BTX Financial has indeed met all requirements of the agreed Service Agreement. By signing below, I agree to have received the final credit report, 6 months have elapsed since I signed the service agreement, all services are delivered as promised and I am prepared to submit my payment for services rendered.


The FTC and State Laws require the Provider to keep this document with your file for a minimum of two (2) years after the Agreement is executed. The FTC regulates credit bureaus and credit repair organizations.





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